About Us


This blog Greed 5278 was created by a team of professionals in December 2018.. Before building this platform, one of us was working as a Law Professor at a well-known university while one team member worked in marketing for one of the Fortune 500s. We blogged in our respective fields for a long time. It was in early 2018 that we found common ground – politics and thus the seeds for this blog were sown. We began making a framework of a site that would offer a quirky mic of news entries related to law, legal policies, current political news, business and all the things that overlap the sectors.

What We Do For You

In a few short weeks, the blog has grown to accumulate a number of loyal readers. This largely thanks to the invaluable information we provide in the top three fields of today:
• Business: By offering trends and policies that are changing in various industries, we arm entrepreneurs with tools. Using these instruments, they can make informed decisions which help them achieve both short- and long-term objectives and visions.
• Law: By providing any new law alterations and legal activities occurring in major courts, we allow businesses and individuals alike to be more secure in their lives. A prime example is the case of Ms. Phillip vs Chatfield-Roberts family.
• Political news: Being aware of what the political environment of the country is at present has become a crucial aspect for every person. With the constant rollercoaster ride this presidency has been, even being a step behind can mean a massive loss, personal or professional.

What We Keep Hoping To Do For You

Even though our reader base has exploded exponentially, we have adhered mainly to the original mission and vision we had. We may refine the way we present our knowledge, but the pith is still the same: business, legal and political. Though there can be times when we move beyond these regular posts and put forth an article on an additional topic. We hope that by keeping our horizons open, we inspire the users to do the same.

The socio-economic environment needs more people to be accepting of the differences rather than acting aggressively. The blog aims to inculcate this feeling by disseminating as much information as possible about all important matters. Because when a person is informed and aware, they make intelligent decisions as opposed to foolhardy ones when fearful.

Commentary Is Essential But Needs Supervision

This blog offers constant commentary on current developments in business, law, and politics. We also urge our readers to do the same. The reason is that we want to stimulate discussion on all the issues occurring the three sectors. It is why we welcome any comments on any of the posts. That said, we know the people can be divisive with something as little as words. Therefore, we have a stringent rule. Any comment that is profane, sexist, mean, racist or inappropriate in any manner will be deleted. Beyond that, every person is welcome to write their views.