Political trends that can affect your business

The challenges of the president in performing his legislative program would prompt usage of executive instruction to introduce regulatory changes. Some of the expected happenings in 2018 are as follows:

  • CFPB or Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will have a new head and the head will be appointed by Trump. He is responsible to create and refresh the policies of Richard Corday who is the former director. He has been popularly defined as a violent watchdog for customer protections. The financial service companies are expecting for a break from tough controls on all the things from the social media to the way they collect a debt.
  • The latest appointee to function Human and Health Services would skirt ACA supplies if Republicans cannot replace and repeal Obamacare. As per the executive order, the bill elements have previously rolled back counting and allowing small companies to purchase coverage which does not meet the standards of the bill.
  • It is expected to see renovation of welfare plans when the president thinks that has enough political capital to handle entitlements.
  • The immigration policy would remain in center and front. The Republicans would reconsider the work permit plans that has rolled back through the executive order of the president. It has been announced that 10,000 ICE agents will be hired and that has expected to result in greater enforcement. Moreover, the L1 and H1B visas are being exceptionally scrutinized. Moreover. The DACA or Dreamers program is expected to be cleared out by March 2018. Web-based system that is E-verify would increase into more states. Due to this, it remains challenging to hire workers in states covering the Mexico border.
  • The EEOC or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission would rephrase rules managing wellness to make sure the programs are voluntary.
  • The taxes and tariffs of import in the industries will be increased as it is viewed as getting unfair foreign subsidies, including from solar panels to washing machines.

Middle year elections in 2018 would remain as a referendum on Trump presidency: Several House Republicans would simply retire. The failing party bounces again after the presidential defeat. The Democrats would concentrate on main seats considered to play in Florida, Virginia, New York, Iowa, Colorado,and Washington. As the Democrats exist, the legal challenges of Trump would expand since Democrats make use impeachment talk to improve their agenda mostly as the Russia Mueller investigation takes shape.

The stunning victory of Trump would influence how political campaigns function in the future: The down-ballot races would gain more importance. The candidates would start to spend money in eccentric markets. They would increase to employ on social media, testing and focusing on particular audiences. Certain foreign elections will be decided by social media. The reaction against Facebook and Google could impact elections.

The tax reform is the day’s topic: It will be resigned by the Senate and the House. The Vistage member’s curiosity will be satisfied by proposing a corporate tax rate of 20% and drive to 25% rate on passing income.
Certain potential winners are corporations, large accounting companies and equipment manufacturers.

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