Business News To Help Make 2019 A Success

The present market is changing a mile a minute. By the time you are ready to scale or differentiate your product and service, the customer has moved on. It makes trusting this ever-altering world very, very hard. We understand this. It is why we bring you two business news that will assist in tackling the next year.

Planning Ahead Is Mandatory In Marketing World

Every businessperson knows that planning for the future is how a company survives. This golden rule genuinely applies to market. It is when you plan that you equipped to handle the changes that occur in the market. Instead of playing catch with the patterns, you see them before time and lead the way. So, for the year 2019 what are the two trends and news that entrepreneurs should be on the lookout?

Trust Is On Reputable Content

There was a time when the consumer used to trust advertisements explicitly. But that era has long gone by. When people see conventional ads now, they run away. When viewed in rank, the trust order of customers is:

  • People they know
  • Branded sites
  • Editorial sites
  • Reviews

The list goes on until it reaches the bottom stack, where ads lie. Therefore, for the coming year, the strategy should be to utilize these four most trusted sites instead of traditional adverts. Did you know that three out of ten internet users are employing ad blockers? What does it mean? That 30% of your target audience does not even see those typical ads. It is high time to take a new route to market.

While diverging into other tactics is a great start, entirely abandoning ads is not the right call. There is still a position for them in every marketing strategy; it just has shrunk a bit. Instead of bypassing them, think of creating more relevant ads that generate value for the customer. Invest in:
• referral partnership
• influencer marketing
• content marketing

These deliver worth to the consumer and therefore affect them.

Creativity Is The Need Of The Hour

Recently, a company took the efforts to find the physical addresses of its customers. Why? To send them printed newsletters. The campaign was a huge success, surprisingly. The question is – in a world that has software and programs that give direct access to clients, such as HubSpot, why did an age-old technique work so well? The answer is simple. Successful marketing is not about uniformity. It is about being creative and capturing the attention of the end user.

The company’s campaign took advantage of doing something that others had forgotten. They were different and hence triumphant. When every other product was being promoted digitally, they took the longer and more tangible route. The learning is to have creative tactics and use integrated campaigns that touch upon various modes. Engage the audience by any means possible and do something the competitors are not.

These two tactics are going to be the best methods of cracking the marketing strategy for the next year. Employ them to your benefit!

9 thoughts on “Business News To Help Make 2019 A Success

  1. Really a useful post for people who have just started their business and for business owners who struggle to compete with others. The business strategies offered in the above post. would help to improve businesses and to take it the next level.

  2. It is true that customers do not go for conventional type advertisements. The above post insists on some creativity and innovation in attracting customers. Thanks for offering tips on successful marketing so that I can attract my customers. Looking for your future posts on digital marketing strategies.

  3. I used to keep on changing the marketing strategy of the business every year as mentioned above. Following the same marketing tactics would have a negative impact on the growth of your business. Thanks for sharing some of the latest marketing tactics that I can follow for my business.

  4. Thinking out of the box and coming up with innovative ideas can help to improve any business. It is surprising to know that a printed newsletter posted to the customers’ physical address was a successful marketing strategy and helped in improving sales.

  5. This post would be useful for entrepreneurs who have just established their business. The post is a roadmap to your success with your business. As stated above I have decided to invest in relevant ads so that I value the customers through it.

  6. It is really difficult to earn the trust of people when you run an online business. You have to look to choose the right platform for advertising about the product. The post lists some of the latest advertising strategies to win the hearts of the customers.

  7. Reviews about a product can be a great source of advertising content that can influence the customers. Thus I have included both positive and negative reviews of my product on my website. Really a useful post which talks about the importance of relevant ads

  8. Thanks for sharing the above informative post. The above tactics and strategies on business marketing would help business owners who wish to grow in their business. I understood that I have to think out of the box so that I come up with a unique business campaign strategy.

  9. It is true that by offering a personal touch to the marketing strategy can help to capture the attention of your customers. The above post made it clear that technology cannot help your business growth in the long run. Engaging your audience through innovative means does the magic.

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